Robbie and Molly travelled to London from Scotland for a romantic Autumn visit. Robbie decided to propose during this trip and he planned everything to the smallest detail, including hiring a professional engagement photographer to capture these special moments for them. Everything was perfect! I hid in the distance and captured so many beautiful candid photos for them completely unnoticed, and most of all the very moment when Robbie proposed. I have to say they truly are a unique couple. So young and at the same time emanating such mature and wise love.

After the proposal, we took a little stroll to the park. The time of the day was absolutely perfect, with very little visitors their photo session turned out to be very private and personal. Ideal for anyone who’s shy and uneasy in front of the camera. In such cases I always make sure my clients have plenty of space, there’s only gentle guidance on my side and I keep a little distance for their natural loving interactions to unfold in front of my camera.

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