The secret proposal in Kyoto Garden – through a professional photographer’s lens

Photographing this newly engaged couple was a true pleasure. I have to say secret proposal photography is one of my favourite genres now! The authenticity of the moment, all the raw emotions and the fact that it cannot be reproduced …it all makes it so special to capture and preserve.
Greg and his fiancée visited London as a part of their larger trip around Europe’s capital cities. The whole event was carefully planned including finding a perfect spot for me to hide in for the big moment!
Everything that day was absolutely perfect! The weather was so generous for us, an evening light so warm and their perfect choice of outfits made this shoot truly exceptional. The choice of location was also spot on and Kyoto Garden truly added its own magic to the moment.
The photos from this shoot show such a palette of emotions. There’s so much raw joy, excitement, blissful tears and caring touch ..all the building blocks of love. It feels truly special to be a part of such a profound moment in someone’s life and mark it with my presence creating a beautiful gallery of photographs documenting this day for them.
I’m pretty sure couldn’t love my job any more! Being a professional photographer comes with its challenges there’s no doubt, but nothing compares to the preciousness of that moment in time being captured and then presented to the clients so that they can revisit it and sink in that joy time and time again. If you’re planning a trip to London, looking for a professional family photographer or perhaps planning a secret engagement photoshoot, get in touch. I will be thrilled to work with you and create truly exceptional memories for you to look back at.