Vacation Photoshoot in London- Tower Bridge & St. Paul’s Cathedral

I met this incredible couple for their anniversary photo shoot. They planned to spend this special day here in London and document their visit hiring a professional photographer. It was a late afternoon shoot and even rainy weather didn’t stop us from getting some fantastic shots (an umbrella hidden in my bag proves to be handy more often than not)! In fact, the sublime rainy sky only added to the beauty of the background in the evening shots. It’s best to be always ready for any type of weather and accepting of any surprises along the way.

For the iconic London places if you didn’t recognise all of them it’s Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge in Harry Potter’s Bridge and Shakespeare mural. The photo shoot always depends on the couple, and how open my models are to posing. But with these two, well there was even dancing happening somewhere along the way! It wasn’t at all challenging to create this beautiful gallery of lifestyle candid photos. My most favourite photojournalism style of photography!