Your story, beautifully captured.



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Vacationing in London is about charting your own course and reveling in the city’s unique vibe in your own adventurous way



London Engagement Photography

For your engagement session, count on me to be present, ready to capture the spark and chemistry between you both.



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Weddings at register offices are an ideal backdrop to showcase your individuality and taste in intimate settings with personal touches.


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Hi, I’m Ewa, a vacation engagement photographer based in London.

I specialize in capturing memories of special occasions such as vacations, secret proposals, family lifestyle sessions, and engagement shoots. As a photographer, I spend most of my time moving around the city’s streets and parks to capture the best moments for my clients.

London photographer

Why work with me?

I’ve been photographing vacation, engagement including intimate proposal for over 8 years, and I know how to handle any situation.

I have shot in various locations under different weather conditions, from sunrise to sunset, and have all the necessary equipment, insurance, and permits to ensure a stress-free day.

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I don’t just take photos, I tell stories.

I use my artistic vision and skills to create stunning images that reflect your personality and style. I don’t follow trends or clichés, I follow my heart and yours. I’m always looking for new ways to capture the beauty and emotion of your elopement.

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I’m not just a photographer, I’m your friend. 

I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed with me, so that you can be yourself and enjoy your day. I’ll make you laugh, guide you through poses, and capture candid moments. I’ll also help you with planning, finding vendors, scouting locations, and anything else you need.

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I understand that engagement is a personal choice, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why I offer very affordable packages that suit your needs and budget. Whether you want 60 min or a few hours, whether you want to have shooting in centre of London or a bit away from City.I’m here to make it happen.

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How to Book me

Booking me is easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

01 Get in touch

You can either fill out the contact form on my website, email me, or call me with your date and location preference ( if you have any).

02 Planing

Once I receive your request, I’ll email you with all the information about the best possible option for your photoshoot and how to secure the day and time.

03 Photoshoot

I’ll assist you with posing during the photo session, even for candid-looking images. We’ll work on many great spots to capture amazing photos.

04 After

The next day, I’ll send you a link to your proof images so that you can choose your favourite ones. I’ll post-process them within 2-7 days and return them to you.


Absolutely! London has numerous romantic spots, from amazing spot at Kyoto Garden to the incredible views of Tower Bridge. Let me know the vibe you’re aiming for, and I’ll happily suggest a few perfect spots.

I pride myself on being discreet and blending into the surroundings during a proposal shoot. I aim to capture the genuine surprise and emotion without giving away the moment beforehand.

Typically, we focus on one main walking distance location with multiple spots.

No worries! My goal is to make you feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera. I’ll provide guidance on poses and actions, ensuring the images reflect genuine emotions and moments.

 In many cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered lucky. As your photographer, I always come prepared with an umbrella and I actually love taking photos in light rain or overcast weather, as it can create beautiful and romantic images. However, if you prefer not to expose yourselves to the rain, please let me know at least few days before so we can reschedule the photo session or find an alternative location that works for you.

GET IN TOUCH Let’s make some magic TOGETHER