Secret proposal in St Dunstan in the East Church Garden and Tower Bridge

As a photographer in London, I’m always ready for an adventure. But nothing quite compares to being part of a secret proposal. Tucked away in the quiet ruins of St Dunstan’s East Church, I waited with bated breath to capture a moment that would change two lives forever.

Hidden behind ancient stone and creeping ivy, I watched a couple’s walk turn into a life-changing event. As he dropped to one knee, her surprise was a picture-perfect moment. It was pure joy, and as she said ‘Yes,’ I knew I’d caught something special.

With the secret out and smiles wide, we made our way to the iconic Tower Bridge. It was time for their engagement shoot, with the grandeur of London as our stage. The bridge, with its soaring beauty, was a fitting place to celebrate their new promise to each other.

Laughing, dancing, and holding each other close, they were a true London love story. The photos we took are more than just images; they’re a promise etched in time, set against the city’s famed skyline.

This London engagement session was as unforgettable as it gets – a secret proposal by the church ruins and a sunny stroll across Tower Bridge. I was there to capture it all: a photographer lucky enough to turn a secret ‘Yes’ into memories that will last a lifetime.