Getting married in London – a beautiful wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

This was a very last minute booking. The couple was searching for a British photographer to arrange a professional photo shot in London, so they contacted me and thankfully I could make some space in the diary and accommodate their booking. I can’t tell you how much I love working with families from various parts of the world, the amount of knowledge I gather about different cultures and customs is invaluable! And I’m always touched when I work with clients flying all the way from Asia, their appreciation for another human being is incomparable to anything else! The whole family was so happy and deeply touched I made an effort to squeeze their booking in. It made working with Kwok & Vindy a beautiful reward in itself.
We didn’t go through the usual route visiting London’s landmarks, instead we focused on candid photography and capturing some beautiful family photos for them to take back home to Singapore. The architecture of the Wandsworth Town Hall where the wedding took place, created an exceptional landscape to capture Vindy & Kwok’s blooming love. And the interiors added that extra touch of luxury and spark to their wedding photos.
The whole ceremony was incredibly moving. It was such a profound moment for both families and newly wedded, it was difficult for family members to hold their tears. They organised a fantastic Wedding ceremony in Singapore so they joy will continue!
If you are looking to book a couple photoshoot, wedding photographer or simply hire a personal photographer in London, make sure to contact me in advance as due to limited availability I may not be able to accommodate late session reservations.